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No Reservations

Can anyone else not stop watching No Reservations? Is anyone else insanely jealous that Tony gets to fly all over the globe and eat authentic food and experience the culture of so many cool places? Please, tell me how Ryan & I can figure out a way to do this. Dream job. Suriously.


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How YOU Doin’?


mackie, originally uploaded by MackieAndRyan.

Why hello there. I see you’ve found our blog. Now that you’re here, I think a proper introduction is in order.

I’m Ryan (in the tie) and Mackie is my lovely wife (in the wedding dress.) We were married July 18th, 2009 in beautiful Beaufort, SC and now live in Greensboro, NC with our Boxer/Pit mix Charlie – AKA Monster, AKA Monsieur, AKA plenty more nicknames I’m sure will come out later.

I work for an ad agency in Greensboro and Mackie works for a non-profit. We’re using this blog to help us better document our first year of marriage, while at the same time share random thoughts we have. Which will probably include, but are not limited to, fashion, food, beer, travel, dogs, crafts, and vintage European cars.



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