Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!

I am so thankful for the endless list of freedoms we have in this country. And for those who work to keep it that way.

And happy birthday to our Charlie Monster who turns 5 today! We are thankful for the love and never ending entertainment he has given us the past 2 years. We can’t imagine life without him!


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Moving into Summer.

The month of June has been somewhat of a whirlwind and I can’t believe it will be July by the end of the week. Does anyone else feel like time goes by faster the older you get? Here’s a quick recap of the past month – it has been super busy, but no complaints here!

We somehow squeezed in a visit to my parents house which always recharges me a little bit –  this time we took Ryan’s sisters along with us.

My mama recently adopted a third stray kitten that she found in my Grandma’s barn – therefore he is named Barnabas aka Barney. He is the wildest kitten I’ve ever met and never really wears himself out to curl up and be sweet. We are trying to slowly introduce Charlie to cats so that one day we might be able to have one and know that he is not going to eat it. He did pretty good! He is just very, very curious. He could care less about squirrels, birds, rabbits, even other dogs – but he is VERY interested in the felines.

Thankfully this little guy isn’t the least bit phased by Charles.

This past weekend we took a 4 day trip to Newport, Rhode Island, where I graduated high school, to attend a dear friend, Faith’s wedding. Of course, I did not get any pictures of the friends I saw. Awesome. I chose not to bring my camera to the wedding because I knew Faith would have some amazing photographers (she IS a wedding photographer herself). Therefore I now have no proof I saw any old friends. Hopefully there will be some pictures of us when she gets her pictures back.

[photography by Peter Silvia]

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun with an awesome photo booth for endless entertainment. The reception was held at Glen Manor House in Portsmouth, RI. So many cute ideas I can’t even name them all. Faith looked gorgeous and I wish her and Jefferson the very best.

Honestly, those things are a lot of fun.

We saw a lot of boats preparing for the TransAtlantic race that started on Sunday from Newport to Lizard’s Point, England..

..toured the Breakers, the Vanderbilt’s  Summer home..

..played on the rocks at Ft. Adams, where I used to live..

hello lil’ 67 Jackson Road!

..found our future home [just looked it up, almost $2 million, dkhjndfjk!!?@!]..

[“Imagine…” HAHA]

.. and took a Sunset Cruise of beautiful Newport.

And now we are back to reality. Until next weekend when we will be going on a mule trip 🙂


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S. Pellegrino & other news..

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with San Pellegrino, not really just San Pellegrino but any sparkling water. It is the most refreshing drink after work on these 90+ degree north carolina summer days. Especially with a squeeze of lemon juice. Summer is flying by already – I can’t believe it’s almost mid-June. We have a busy, busy schedule lined up – but all good things! So I can’t really complain. For all you Greensborites/Greensborians/whatever  out there, Ryan and I have started a new blog for restaurant reviews in the ‘boro. It’s still a baby aka doesn’t have many posts yet. So bear with us. We can only eat out so many times a week. But we’ve always googled reviews on places in Greensboro, especially the many ethnic joints, and could never find anything – so we figured we would just have to tackle it ourselves 🙂

Anyways, here is the link if you’re interested!


Happy Friday!


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back in the ‘burg

Ryan surprised me with a trip last weekend – he told me to pack my bags on Friday and we were leaving after Jenna’s graduation on Saturday. I had no idea where we were going. At first I thought Asheville and then I started thinking about Chapel Hill and then I started thinking maybe Blacksburg? So he assured me it “is not a college town.” Though I guess that was just his effort at keeping it a surprise cause when you start heading up North from Greensboro, there are not many other places to go..  To his defense, we spent the first night at a B&B in Roanoke, VA. It was so nice to get away, just the two of us, and relax a little bit. I’m terrible at relaxing at home because I constantly feel like I need to be cleaning/vacuuming/doing yard work, etc. I get that from my Mom!

We stayed at Rose Hill Bed & Breakfast. It’s run by an extremely nice lady named Wendy and her dog Loxi, originally from San Diego and just fell in love with Virginia.  She took very good care of us.

It felt SO GOOD to be back in Blacksburg. We were both almost giddy on the drive from Roanoke to Blacksburg the next day because it brought back so many memories. I don’t think I realized how much I loved those rolling green hills and old farmhouses and then the hokie stone! I think we need some of that incorporated into our house.. somehow.

This is the new theatre building for those of you who have not been back in a while, its on the corner of college ave. and draper.

The place of of our first date!

Every time we go back, so much has changed, yet so much is still just how we left it. It made me miss our carefree days in college but I’m so thankful those are memories we can look back on fondly and share. I recharged my batteries and am thankful we only live 2.5 hours from Blacksburg (closer than I lived in college). Thank you husband for planning this getaway for me, it was needed.


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[image from here]

“To read the papers and to listen to the news… one would think the country is in terrible trouble. You do not get that impression when you travel the back roads and the small towns do care about their country and wish it well.”

-Charles Kuralt

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Goodbye Oprah

I have to say, I am going to miss Oprah.  Oprah has been around for as long as I can remember (her show has literally been around for the number of years I have been alive) and though I have not watched her religiously, I feel like she has been a part of my life growing up. She was on the TV many days after I got home from school from a young age up through high school, in college and even now that I’m married and get home a little earlier than the usual working crowd.

I just finished watching the finale of her show and I think she summed it up beautifully, no fancy gift-giving, no special guests, just a heartfelt thank you to her fans and those that inspired and taught her throughout her life. Even her fourth grade teacher was present. And she ended her show with the sentence, “To God be the Glory,” which made it a little sweeter in my eyes.

I am thankful to Oprah for using her fame in a positive way – she is a rare breed for that. I’m thankful that she was not afraid to bring light to certain situations that so desperately needed light shed on them, like sexual abuse, women’s rights and raising consciousness about the war going on in our country right now and the military families involved. I’m thankful that she inspires people around the world to be the best of themselves they can be – to not be afraid to follow their dreams and passions, to intentionally give hope to someone who needs hope. And I am thankful that she recognized and thanked God, because she is right, her life story was not a coincidence.  What’s the secret to “The Oprah Winfrey Show’s” success? “I say my team, and Jesus,” Oprah tells the audience. “Nothing but the hand of God.”

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Where we have been..

Two weeks ago, my dear friend Ashima came to visit me.  We met in the 8th grade in Mrs. Gastrell’s Science Class. We passed notes across the table and my mom would drop us off at [sketchy] Springfield mall on the weekends. We have always stayed in touch but really reconnected when I lived back in Springfield the year after I graduated college. She helped me plan my wedding and faithfully met me at the gym every night to work out catch up on our day. She is the definition of a loyal friend and I am convinced everyone needs a friend like her.

She got here Friday after a delayed flight and we went to lunch at Printworks followed by a pedicure. Sometimes when you have a boy roommate, you need days like this. Days to talk about your skincare routine, your nail polish color, the latest chick flicks and the wedges you want for Summer. And that’s exactly what we did.

On Saturday, we headed to Durham for a Taste Carolina food tour. If you are local, you have got to go on one of these, they are a lot of fun & include a lot of yummy food. We had never really explored Durham much before, but it turned out to be a pretty cool city. [Hint Hint Meg & Pete]

One of the best parts of our trip to Durham, and not even included on the food tour, were these fries we randomly bought from a food truck [because obviously we needed more food after a 3 hour food tour]. Durham has a ton of these, another reason it’s an awesome city. They were sweet potato fries sprinkled with garam masala with a chili garlic mayo to dip them in. OMG. Ashima and I are still drooling over them and texting each other about them. I am going to convince Ryan to recreate them. I wish we had taken a picture – but I think we inhaled them between the 3 of us. We had a great weekend and because Ashima sent a complaint to United Airlines about her delayed flight and they sent her a $150 gift certificate, hopefully I am sure she will be back again soon!

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