guilty pleasures

Mackie, Ryan and a Monster was recently given The Incredibly Sweet Blog Award by Meagan Page of The Illustrator’s Wife. She writes about life, pretty things and her illustrator husband (and my cousin) Jake. She herself is pretty talented as well and has a love for life and for Christ. And I’m so glad she is part of my family. So THANK YOU, Meagan, for thinking our blog is sweet.

The way the award works is that those bloggers who are awarded must share four of their guilty pleasures and then pass the award along. So, here goes..

1. Documentaries. If you could see our netflix queue, you would find about 20+ documentaries waiting to be shipped to our house (yes, we have not set up the streaming thing quite yet). Food, Inc. is one that we actually own and I recommend that you see. Though we rarely watch a documentary that we do not enjoy. Even if they are about something we know nothing about. It is just so intriguing to take an inside look at something.

These are the two that we saw most recently, both excellent and highly recommended.  We are always up for recommendations!

2. Our favorite (cheap) date spot. Barnes & Noble. You can find us here quite often on a week night or even a weekend night with a stack of books and magazines at a corner table scouring through them. I think my love for bookstores started when I was little and living in Jacksonville, NC and my Dad would take me with him to Waldenbooks and I would sit and read for hours, finishing chapter books.  And since we cannot buy all the books we want & subscribe to all the magazines we like, we read them here. And if we find a book we really love, I buy it from here. Our collection is growing (mostly food-related/cookbooks) and one day we hope to fill up our built-ins with books that we love.

3. Packing and pretty things. We are a SUCKER for cool packaging. You would think with Ryan being in marketing, we would not fall for stuff like this – we do. Our kids are going to have problems. Food with cool packaging, products with cool packaging, I am influenced in picking paint colors by the name of the paint color. I know it doesn’t make a difference, but I can’t help it from influencing my decision.

I don’t know if I want to eat that or frame it or put it on the mantle, but I want it.

4. Antiques. I don’t know if that is really a guilty pleasure. But hoarding them is. Our house is currently full  – and I still want more and continue to accept them from our family.  I love the history behind them and the quality of some of them. They tell a story. And one day we will have an antique farmhouse table to gather ’round..

I have a vintage philco radio that I found in my great-grandmother’s garage and I like to imagine what it was like when they would listen to the radio together. Antiques are especially special when they came from mine and Ryan’s families. Two of my favorite antique stores in Greensboro are Mary’s Antiques and The Farmer’s Wife. It’s fun to go plunder and find interesting things. Check them out.

Ok, enough about us. Passing along The Incredibly Sweet Blog Award to….

Adventures in New Mommyhood

Homes away from Home

…It all began in Clemson






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3 responses to “guilty pleasures

  1. Hahaha, I loved reading this, Mackie, because it just further confirms how similar we are! Every single one of these could’ve been on my list. Jake will tell you, I’m a sucker for documentaries – just finished one called 180 south about a bunch of guys who go on an adventure to the wilderness of patagonia – really good, btw. And I was just at Barnes and Noble’s today – as a side note, do you guys know about It’s so cheap and shipping is free. And well, pretty packaging and antiques are also guilty pleasures… I love it. So glad to be your cousin (in law)!

  2. I think 180 south is in our queue! I’ll have to check out thriftbooks – I haven’t looked at that site. Hope to see ya’ll soon!! 🙂

  3. Kit

    Thanks so much Mackie! 🙂 I have to admit that I’m a total sucker for packaging…Mrs. Meyer’s though, is more than just pretty packaging–I love cleaning with it! …well, love as much as you can love cleaning

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