Animals are fun.

There’s a sketchy farm off I-77.  Mackie’s cousin Jake & his wife Meagan clued us in to it.  It’s an exotic animal drive through.  You pay $8.50 a person (plus $3 for a bucket of feed) and then you’re allowed to drive into the preserve among the animals.

Of course we did it!

Ever pet a big horn?  “My, you’re hungry!”

I didn’t know this, but apparently wild pigs live in the woods among the zebras and llamas, rooting for feed pellets.  At least, they do at Lazy 5.

More on this horrible creature later.

No matter how much I chased this thing around, he wouldn’t lift his feathers.  Jerk.

This haunts me at night.

Ostriches are our new least favorite animal. They are absolutely terrifying. Those unblinking beady eyes, full of malice and evil. Watch as one almost dismembers Mackie.



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6 responses to “Animals are fun.

  1. That is hilarious! I love that y’all went there – and yes, ostriches are of the devil. I swear, they go straight for your eyes.

  2. Kit

    no way!!! Where is this place?!?

  3. I’m so glad you guys went! Mainly, so that we can have conversations about the fact that ostriches are indeed harbingers of terror. It’s like meshing Sesame Street with Alfred Hitchcock. I don’t know how people survive the open-air hayride through the park…

    Kit – the farm is in Mooresville, NC. You and Nathan should totally go.

  4. Carolyn

    Mackie, I just want you to know that Dakota laughed hysterically at your terror. The video and not driving while I’m freaking out about becoming an ostrich meal, is just the kind of thing Dakota would do to me. Lol, you’re not alone. =)

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