“Saving The World” or “I Like Cool Stuff”

There’s a cool trend going on in retail right now – “One for One.”  You’re probably familiar with it from Tom’s.  Basically for every item you purchase, one is donated to someone impoverished, usually in a 3rd world country.

Rewind to last week.  I was in Lenscrafters looking to get some new glasses.  I lost mine a year and a half ago can’t seem to find mine.  Looking at all the fashionable frames, I noticed they all had something in common.  They all cost over $149.99, lenses not included! For a piece of friggin plastic!  So doing what anyone our age would do, I consulted the internet.

Enter Warby Parker.

For $95 you get a pair of super trendy glasses – frames, lenses, the whole shebang.  They also donate a pair through these guys.

The big question you’re probably thinking is “Nice price, but how the heck do I know what I’ll look like in them?”  The smart fellas at WP are a step ahead of us.  You can pick 5 pairs for a free home try-on.  They send them to you, sans lenses, for 5 days and include a prepaid return label when you’re done.

Now the hard part is trying to limit myself to only getting one pair…


Charlie prefers the Huxley in black.

Which totally reminds me of this Jim Gaffigan routine.




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  1. Charlie’s got style!!

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