Edie Rose

Rachel Bilson has a new collection of dinnerware at Macys called Edie Rose. Looks very anthropologie-esque. I like the peacock – but otherwise… meh. It’s not my fave. Have you seen it?

I liked Anthropologie’s peacock dinnerware much better. It looks a little more classy. I tried to find a reason to justify buying a few pieces when it went on sale. But I couldn’t find any reason that Ryan wouldn’t think I was completely crazy for buying a few plates with peacocks on them when we have no where to put them and already have a box of china in the closet.

…still waiting on these to go on sale though. LOVE.



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3 responses to “Edie Rose

  1. Gemma

    Okay, I was wondering about all the Antropologie references to the Edie Rose dinnerware that I’ve seen. Thanks for the picture. I’ve been looking at the Edie Rose dinnerware with the rose and briar on it which I like better than the peacock. I think it’s all meant to mix and match. Love the sculpted rose plates too.

  2. oh I really love those last dishes! those are beautiful!

    as far as my sugar-fast, i won’t be fasting from natural sugars, like those found in fruit. in fact, i’m counting on fruit to help me through my little experiment. mostly, i’ll be avoiding snacks/processed foods that include sugar, sodas and other beverages, and white bread (which, disgusting though it may be, has been my long time bread of choice). my goal isn’t to lose weight, but to eat more healthily, so i think this should help… fingers crossed!

  3. yoli

    Hi. Did you ever buy any of the peacock dinnerware? I have a set but can’t get any more. I would love to buy extra.

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