70 degrees and sunny!

Can you believe this weather? I hope your weather is as nice as our weather here in Greensboro. I can only wish that it would stay this warm. But hopefully it will be back before too long. Weather like this makes me want to be spontaneous and go on a roadtrip. Bad. With the windows down and some country music playing (I dont know why warm weather makes me want to listen to country, it just does). Ryan even called me out on it the other day..

It reminds me of college, near the end of the second semester, when Blacksburg finally thawed out and we could wear sundresses again and it felt exciting because school was almost out for the summer.  Now I just feel like a little kid that gets really anxious and can’t concentrate at work when it’s this nice out because I want to go outside and play.

The birds here are loving it too. I don’t remember ever noticing the birds making so much noise before and maybe its because our room is a converted attic so we basically live in the trees – but its really pretty and a lot nicer to wake up to in the morning.

Hope you are having warm weather in February too and if so, please get outside and enjoy it!


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One response to “70 degrees and sunny!

  1. oh, i am the same way!! and this year, especially, i noticed that i was getting so grouchy and tired during the cold. the sun came out at just the right time, and now i am LOVING my bare legs, sandals, and driving with the windows rolled down. fingers crossed that there’s no cold snap in our near futures… this taste of spring is too good!

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