There’s a fig tree out at my parents’ place.  The thing with figs is that it seems every fig on the tree goes ripe at once and then when you think you’ve picked them all, the next day they’re all back.  So naturally Mackie and I are scrambling around trying to fit figs into every dish.  Which isn’t a bad challenge, because we love figs.  It’s definitely better than when we were getting about 4 pounds of beets each week as part of our CSA share…

Also, don’t be surprised if this blog starts focusing more on food.  Mackie and I were searching for inspiration when we realized the majority of time we spend together at home, we spend it in the kitchen.  Oh and feel free to comment.  We know people are reading it.  That means you.  Yes, you.


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One response to “Figs

  1. Drew

    I have zero fig knowledge. But I love to eat just about everything on this green earth so next time we are in the area if you have some figs I want this –—Eric-Ripert–AVEC-ERIC-38683956 (i’m sure Kristina won’t mind the bacon)

    Did I just place an order? Sorry. Haha.

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