So We Bought A House

So a few things have changed in the last four months.  Like becoming homeowners.

Getting all of life’s big events over in the quickest amount of time possible has been our modus operandi as of late.  So it’s only fitting we went ahead and bought a house.  It’s a 3br/2ba 1948 Cape Cod in Greensboro.  We moved in about 2 weeks ago, so we’re still getting settled.

2 weeks has been plenty of time for things to break though.  Already we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to fix a cabinet door that fell off, rescue my Mom from the bathroom she got locked in, fix the door knob of said bathroom, and clean out clogged sink drains (yum.)  Can’t wait to see what’s next! 

But it’s all good.  It gives me something to do and the opportunity to look handy in front of Mackie.  There’s a few projects we want to do, a 60 year old house can use some “freshing up” in places.  I am purposefully not showing pictures of the bedrooms, or the carpet in the sunroom, cause that all needs some work.  Having a backyard is one of the best parts of owning a house in my opinion.  Not much beats coming home, popping open a cold beer, putting something on the grill and hanging out on the deck with Mackie and Charlie.

Some good news!  Now that Mackie and I are super broke, we’ll still have a way to get to work when we sell our cars to make house payments!  Well, one of us at least.  Check out the old school bike that was left in a shed.  Needs some work, but pretty cool.

Sorry for the somewhat crappy pictures, been a while since I’ve busted out the camera.





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3 responses to “So We Bought A House

  1. JP VanderLinden

    Looks awesome! That paint color in the kitchen really makes the white cabinets pop. You guys picked a picturesque first place!

  2. Alvin Nearly

    Pics look great! Nice blog.

  3. That house is too cute!

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