Back In The South

We’re back.  After 6 hours of flight delays, one cancellation, $70 in wasted cab fare going back and forth to Laguardia, and a 3:55am wake up call for a 6:00am flight, we’re back.

 And it feels good, which is surprising.

 I think Mackie has thought I’ve secretly wanted to move to NYC after my summer stint atHorizon Media and to be honest, I don’t think I’d deny those accusations.  But it’s funny how perspective changes after major life events, such as getting married.  And my perspective now says NYC ain’t the place for me.

That being said, here’s a recap of the festivities and frivolities we partook in:


This isn’t even a good representation of the madness.  Thousands of Santas on a barcrawl that started at 10:00am.  Something to behold.



And more.

I’m still trying to catch up on sleep, hopefully Mackie will post her thoughts/pictures about it later this week.



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  1. Happened upon your blog! Love it! I also love Santa day in NYC, one of my favorites! Hope yall are doing well.

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