The Macaron

macarons, originally uploaded by MackieAndRyan.

So, it is my goal tomorrow (while Meg is at work) to go on the hunt for the real French macaron. Seeing as I’ve never tasted one before, I don’t know exactly what a real one is supposed to taste like. I’ve had two attempts at making them and failed both times..

I’ve got an ongoing list of Macaron stops in NYC – so I hope you’re ready, Ryan. Love you hubbs.

Anyone out there in the blogosphere reading this have suggestions of places to go?



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3 responses to “The Macaron

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  2. Hey unfortunatly the best macarons in the world are found in laudereé in Paris, also the artist behind all the cakes and goodnes in Copolas Marie Anotinette movie, so for real macarons I´d go for a litle europe trip! Congratulations on the beeing maried Mackie!

    Xoxo Marie (from the rogers cheerleading)

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